SEBDEN, founded as a privately owned independent in the 1990’s, has grown successfully both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

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B&D Steel has been servicing customers from our Chichester depot for over 40 years as part of what is now known as Sebden Steel Service Centres

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The Company

The Sebden Group founded in 1996 was formed to manage the success of Sebden Steel Service Centres and to broaden the scope of the interests and the activities of that company, within the steel sector.

Now some twenty years later, as a holding company it has been able to support not only a broader range of steels and qualities within Sebden Steel Service Centres, with stock of some 60,000 tonnes, but also to support, through B+D Steel, areas of activity which increasingly are seen as vital to economic activity within the British Isles.

The success of the company may be attributable to the stability of management over the years but it is also down to the reliability and to the work ethic of the entire work force. This, in combination, will play an important part in the continuing success and growth of the group.